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Get free stuff on your bday!

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How it works

One Pass for all birthday freebies! Freebie Pass gives you exclusive access to delicious treats to make your birthday (or a friends) extra special!

For only $25 (one-time), we'll sign you up to at least 20+ businesses that offer free stuff on your birthday.

Need to find a cool gift for your friend’s birthday?

We got that covered too.

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Sign up

We'll ask you a few questions to get you started.


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We'll create a separate email for you to start receiving your freebies.


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Whether it's free food or other perks, we'll get you free stuff!


How many Freebies do I get?

Our Freebie Pass includes 20+ delicious treats for you to indulge in during your birthday month. We’re constantly adding more.

When does my membership expire?

Never! The beauty of our pass is that the value of the membership grows over time (as we add more freebies) and your freebies will always be delivered to you via email every year... for life!

Will I get spammed by companies?

No. We create a unique login for you that will direct all promos and rewards to an external email that will not effect your existing email.

Is there any guarantee that I’ll get free stuff?

Although we’ll do everything we can to sign you up for all the latest free stuff, it’s solely up to the companies as to whether or not they’ll honor free stuff on your birthday.

Once I get my reward, what do I do?

Follow the restaurant or companies instructions on how to redeem. That’s it!

When do I start getting my freebies?

When your birthday month starts, you will start seeing your birthday freebies come into your unique login. Whether it’s for you or a friend, we recommend signing up BEFORE the actual birthday.

Do my freebies expire?

Each specific freebie has a set date that it will expire. Some might be on your birthday and some might be valid for your birthday month.

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